A source of inspiration for science, art and culture

The Huinay Seasonal School (HSS) offers a series of intensive courses theoretical and practical training, focusing on scientific, technological training, as well as scientific divulgation in its various expressions.

This training program features an array of courses, each spanning 1-2 weeks. The courses have objetive at equiping new researchers and young professionals with new scientific techniques in a range of areas, as well as, the various methods of communicating scientific and technological research.

An important facet of the Center of Investigation and Formation San Ignacio del Huinay, we through to contribute to the training of scientists and science communicators who immerse children, youth, and adults in a journey through the wonders of Patagonia's ecosystems, generating awareness of their fragility and great biodiversity.



Training of young professionals


Participants can acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about the functioning of the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of Patagonia. Programmes are aimed at the development of field experiments for the collection, processing, and analysis of data from the region's ecosystems.