Huinay Recap: a summary of the last activities of 2022

From participation in conferences to international visits, a busy end of the year took our agenda of activities in the framework of strengthening institutional networks.


A few days before the start of the new cycle, from the San Ignacio del Huinay Foundation we would like to comment on the latest news of the past year, during the final months of the period, which allowed us to obtain significant progress for the development of our institution.


Participation in congresses

Photo: record of the intervention carried out by the oceanographer at the Arena de Puerto Montt Event Center.


Between November 21 and 25, the 6th Congress of Physical Oceanography, Meteorology and Climate of the Eastern South Pacific was held, organized by the Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics Working Group (DOCA) of the National Oceanographic Committee (CONA) and the i-mar Center of the Universidad de Los Lagos.

The event, held in the city of Puerto Montt, allowed our scientific team to establish new projections for the future of the research center, which in turn led to the presentation of the work carried out in our facilities..

Such is the case of the presentation developed by the Research Assistant, Darinka Pecarevic, who presented the "Effects of waves trapped at the coast and mesoscale eddies on the coastal upwelling off Central Chile (32-34°S)"..


Scientific expedition

In the framework of the project ''Deciphering the Antarctic Cold-water Coral Record" (DACCOR) of the Strategic Fund of the Alfred Weber Institute (AWI), the Fundación San Ignacio del Huinay received a distinguished group of German researchers.

The visit, which took place between November 25 and December 16, 2022, fostered collaborative work with the team led by biologist Marlene Wall.

The objective of their studies is to decipher the Antarctic record of cold water corals, whose skeleton allows a glimpse of the change in climatic conditions that left a mark on their composition. In this sense, the aim is to develop a database of acidification and warming that reflects the complex conditions of the Arctic and Antarctic through ecological, physiological and molecular regulations.


Photo: AWI's DACCOR team with officials at the San Ignacio del Huinay Foundation facilities.


Growing research


Last year we published four scientific articles related to the preservation of Patagonia and its fjords, all focused on understanding the phenomena generated by the environmental crisis and human impact.

All of the above includes a growth of study networks in collaboration with different professionals and institutions, whose purpose is to strengthen the San Ignacio del Huinay Foundation as a research center to combat climate change..