Huinay Seasonal School: Forest Restoration Methodology

14 - 22 March 2023


Application deadline is December 15, 2022.


Within the framework of Huinay Summer School (San Ignacio del Huinay Foundation), the Master's program in Wildlife Areas and Nature Conservation (MASCN) of the University of Chile invites graduate students to learn and deepen the use of ecosystem restoration methodologies, understanding this discipline as one of the main tools currently used to recover the quality of habitat and biodiversity at different levels (genes, species and ecosystems), especially focused on elements of nature of interest for biological conservation.

Its program consists of theoretical and practical classes taught by academics and researchers from universities and national and international research centers. During the course, the generation of spaces for debate on the challenges of restoration in Chile and Latin America will be promoted, considering the current context of climate crisis and socio-environmental conflicts over land use. Specifically, the activities include field work for the collection of samples, nursery work for the selection of native species used for reforestation, laboratory work for the processing of plant samples and data analysis.



The course is open to graduate students in forestry, ecology and/or conservation. The applicant should send the following information to before December 15:

- Motivation letter (half page).

- Application form (attached document).

- Certificate of regular student of a graduate program.




The objective of the course is to generate professional competencies for the correct decision making in the methodologies that are applied during the development of a forest restoration project, specifically, in the phases of diagnosis, planning and design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the restorative actions.





Course fee: $50.000 (CLP)

The registration fee includes lodging, food and materials during the stay in Huinay. The cost of transportation Santiago-Hornopirén (round trip) is not included in the registration fee.